Altice Busy Eliminating Employees at Suddenlink & Cablevision

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Altice Busy Eliminating Employees at Suddenlink & Cablevision
Altice continues to eliminate employee positions at recently acquired broadband providers Cablevision and Suddenlink, while the supposed consumer benefits of the mergers have yet to manifest. Earlier this week we noted how Altice had closed two Connecticut call centers, eliminating local positions for some 600 employees. Now another report indicates that Altice has also closed a Suddenlink support center in North Carolina, impacting another 81 employees.
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Altice continues to claim that some of these impacted employees have found work in new parts of the company, but hasn’t specified how many.”…We have assisted many employees in finding positions. These include relocation,” Altice says of the call center closures. “Additionally, some employees are also transitioning to other local Suddenlink positions in Greenville.” In July, Altice acknowleged they would be “migrating call center activities to some of Suddenlink’s larger call centers in the U.S. based on call volume, and where we have the greatest number of business partners.”

Altice has also been getting rid of a number of higher-paid executives at Cablevision, most choosing to take cash payouts as per the “change of control” clauses in their contracts. The company has also been letting go of other employees at Suddenlink in small, less noticeable numbers; some employees stating Altice’s cost cutting has resulted in a “culture of fear” at the company.

Altice is taking a deep dive into both ISP’s balance sheets as it looks to cut costs wherever possible. The company has repeatedly denied claims that it’s bringing an overseas reputation for cutting corners to the already marginally competitive US broadband market.

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